Ask me anything about marketing compaigns , strategies and business plans solution.

Junaid Zafar
Nov 13, 2017

I m a specialized marketing executive and my core focus is to provide marekting solutions to business filed persons. i have also a very sound mind in creating different creative marketing strategies and brand building strategies. I also make different promotional activities on demand of a clients. i have also a very sound knowledge about market price and market condition. 

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How do you deal with demanding and unreasonable clients?

Nov 12, 11:38AM EST0

by providing  customization solution...

Nov 13, 1:36AM EST0

How do you ensure your target market notices the business you’re working with?

Nov 12, 8:44AM EST0

by providing them day by day results..

Nov 13, 1:36AM EST0

Where do you usually start when developing a marketing plan?

Nov 12, 8:08AM EST0

i start with a simple idea.. daily routine work idea.. and after that i work on that idea and make it a good comapign.

Nov 13, 1:26AM EST0

Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 7:24AM EST0

ya sure.. i will share with u soon...

Nov 13, 1:35AM EST0

What practical tactics does your marketing strategy entails?

Nov 12, 4:55AM EST0

How do you handle marketing campaign failure?

Nov 12, 4:52AM EST0

we should accept our failure . in fact this will give you more detail about your gaps.

Nov 13, 1:24AM EST0

What strategies do businesses use these days and to grow and expand?

Nov 12, 4:33AM EST0

its depends on your product life cycle.. different strategies for different stages

Nov 13, 1:21AM EST0

What do you consider the most important aspects of successful marketing?

Nov 12, 3:39AM EST0

in my point of view.. Product , price , place and promotion these are the succcessful marketing aspects . if you are good in playing with their variation then you will acieve your out come..

Nov 13, 1:12AM EST0

What do you put in your resume to convince your clients about your credibility?

Nov 12, 12:57AM EST0

By giving them refrences of your projects...

Nov 13, 1:10AM EST0

What marketing strategies would you consider in product selling?

Nov 11, 8:11PM EST0

well.. i do not use one strategy i always use integration of different strategy by mix and match to get my desired results..

Nov 13, 1:09AM EST0

What kind of experiences have you had using Optimizely?

Nov 11, 4:28PM EST0

How does web marketing help attract the right crowd to your website?

Nov 11, 3:19PM EST0

Web marketing is now a dyas very important tool to attract the right customer..  if you placed your product rightly then definatelly it will attract your right crowd..

Nov 13, 1:08AM EST0

How familiar are you with your target market?

Nov 11, 1:50PM EST0

Well it depends on the product either its FMCG sector or Services sector..

Nov 13, 1:06AM EST0

How important is incorporating trends in your marketing strategy?

Nov 11, 1:49PM EST0

What kind of help do you offer to businesses that are not yet web savvy?

Nov 11, 12:16PM EST0

What do you do when a marketing campaign do not go well as expected?

Nov 11, 11:40AM EST0

If compaign is not going well as expected then first of all i quickly over view and find out the gap.. if gap doesn't exsist then i make an other strategy with in this compaign to over come this issue..

Nov 13, 1:01AM EST0

 How Much Market Share Can You Realistically Expect to Acquire?

Nov 11, 4:15AM EST0

It depends on market condition and nature of the product . realistically there should be a reasnable balance b/w market share and market gap. 

Nov 11, 4:44AM EST0

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